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About Us



Our Co Founders. 





Both Regina born and raised NOD, these two have been friends since kindergarten. They opened Uforia Vintage Clothing in 1999, growing and changing into the Uforia Muse of today. Carleen and Shalene are currently in their 24th year of business partnership. They have always shared a love for fashion, and have had a vision for a fashion boutique in Regina like the ones you would find in bigger cities. Carleen and Shalene both have families in Regina and have chosen to keep their business in Saskatchewan, while selling around the world through their online store. Today, they've realized their vision and have assembled a team of girl bosses that inspire them everyday. 




What We're About.


Uforia Muse is a vibrant, fast paced boutique full of current fashion that is constantly changing. We specialize in small batch LA fashion. In 2017 we launched online, so if you are not local, no problem! You can get the Uforia Muse experience anywhere. We are driven by the desire to make fashion fun and attainable for everyone. On our website and in our store you can see we are relatable everyday girls that reflect the customers who shop with us.